MC Pharm | Sharing Global Healthcare | Global Business
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Global Business

McPharm is currently importing & exporting products from and to many countries. Product quality and innovation are our main focus because we wish to build healthy global community. We are continuously building partnerships with healthcare companies around the world and meeting the market demands for innovative healthcare solutions. New products acquired by us are continuously in registration and launching phase through our specialized teams. McPharm is dedicated to provide sustainable healthcare solutions to Public and Private sector around the world through its importation and exportation capabilities with minimum lead times. McPharm is always looking to develop new partnerships around the world through focus, synergy, and collective wisdom of its team members. We are open for discussions to develop joint ventures with companies and offer distribution , marketing and regulatory services to companies who are interested to introduce their products in Pakistan and beyond. At the same time McPharm is committed to helping domestic manufacturers to export their products around the world using our specialized global marketing skills.